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giugno 2, 2012

Un giorno di ferie.

“Per costruire 12 ospedali servono 250 milioni di dollari, il costo di 8 ore di guerra in Iraq. Si prendessero un giorno di ferie”. (Gino Strada)

marzo 2, 2012

Il costo della guerra.

“Eyes Wide Open: The Cost of War to Illinois” is an outdoor war memorial featuring military boots, civilian shoes, and sandals representing some of the men, women, and children who perished in the Iraq War.

Full story by the Journal Star’s Gary Panetta: Display of fallen soldiers’ boots brings Iraq War into perspective

Steve Bray steps aside as a woman is overcome with emotion Thursday after encountering the boots representing an acquaintance at the Eyes Wide Open boot display on the Bradley University campus. The pairs of boots in the display, put together by American Friends Service Committee, represent Illinois service people killed in the Iraq war. Bray is a member of Occupy Peoria, one of several area organizations sponsoring the display.

ottobre 22, 2011

La guerra in Iraq è finita! e ora dove andranno i bravi soldati americani?

Vai alla guerra