Israele e gli Stati Uniti attaccheranno l’Iran?

The Nation – By Dr. Mujahid Kamran, the vice chancellor of the University of the Punjab:

“The US government has been the greatest killing machine on the face of earth – it has killed more unarmed human beings in the world than any other power in history. Its ability to lie and deceive is also unprecedented. It lied to the whole world about Iraq, about Afghanistan, about Bin Laden. It lied to its people before and during the two World Wars. And it is lying about Iran and will continue to do so, until it has achieved its objective. It will then move on to a new target and new lies. The average American does not lie or deceive, but the American government does.”

One Comment to “Israele e gli Stati Uniti attaccheranno l’Iran?”

  1. Sono bestialità che pagheranno col sangue anche loro!!!


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