Commission Annual Growth Survey a ‘frontal assault on workers’.

Jose Manuel Barroso, E.C President Jose Manuel Barroso, E.C. President

Despite the crisis that has engulfed the Eurozone, and the massive job losses that have resulted, the European Commission has seen fit to publish a document which directly attacks workers rights, unemployment benefits and in broad terms, the already much weakened Social Model in Europe.

The document, entitled the Annual Growth Survey, was adopted by the Commission on 11 January under heavy pressure from Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and will also be presented at the European Council meeting on 4 February. Although not a legislative test, the Survey gives a clear indication of the road map that the Commission wishes to take.

The Commission demands that Member States:

  • strengthen indirect taxation, while weakening the progressive structure of taxes;
  • incentivise longer working hours;
  • increase the retirement age and further privatise pension schemes;
  • weaken employment protection legislation;
  • reduce direct unemployment benefits;
  • And to further liberalise the public sector.

PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, stated that; “the document illustrates that Mr. Barroso has not learned the lessons of 2010, nor acknowledged of the inherent weaknesses of the neo-liberal model that caused the economic crisis. Instead it outlines his delusional belief that the road to economic recovery is based on more harsh measures for those already suffering most from the effects of recession”.


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